The Conscious Rap Project

The Conscious Rap Project is about the awakening of the human soul, body, mind, and spirit using the tool of conscious music. Music that doesn’t have an expiration date, but an inspiration fate. We believe one of the number one priorities in education is to know yourself.

“Ancient revelations and modern science agree that the real power in human capability is based in the consciousness of SELF and SELF-knowledge. People who know who they are can change themselves and CHANGE their WORLD.” Dr. Na’im Akbar #knowthyself

The analysis of conscious rap has the ability to initiate one’s awareness of our society’s cultural, economic, political and spiritual values. This process allows for examining cultural norms while reflecting on one’s personal stance and beliefs, the awakening of self.

Through academic scholarship research, college courses, professional development, workshops, seminars, and student engagement projects, we intend to fulfill our mission to EMPOWER the world one soul at a time.

We believe in not just understanding life but overstanding life.

  • Major Themes:
  • Knowledge of Self
  • Keys to Success
  • Health and Fitness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Black Empowerment

About The Founder

“Hip-Hop Saved my life. It planted the seed of imagination, change, and thoughts of success.”

instaquote-1Karanja N. Crews is an award winning educator, motivational speaker, consultant, author, and a life long learner. Karanja has over 10 years of teaching experience in the Portland and Beaverton school districts. Born into poverty and limited opportunities, Karanja is committed to transforming the lives through inspiration and empowerment. Whether he is speaking or teaching, Karanja motivates his audience to educate themselves and their communities, while serving as a true-to-life role model of his philosophy that success is determined by where you end up, and not where you begin.

Most remarkably, Karanja created an innovative board game, titled Journey to Freedom: The Power to Read and Write, that is aimed at rekindling a love and appreciation for reading, writing and African American history.

Karanja is also the creator of the dynamic workshop: Critical Text for Crucial Lives: Effective Classroom Tools and Materials for teaching social justice, critical reading, and writing.  Suited for Educators, middle school and High school student. This workshop is a framework that promotes critical literacy engagement and culturally relevant curriculum through art and literacy.

This is a reading curriculum that will sharpen critical thinking skills and reading skills centered around the common core state standards.

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